58 SOCIAL DWELLINGS in Paseo de la Cuba, Albacete

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58 SOCIAL DWELLINGS in Paseo de la Cuba, Albacete

The proposal has a double scale, the one formed by the urban scale ensemble which in turn is made up of small pieces that allow the construction of a interior landscaped space with a more domestic scale .

The access to all the houses is produced from the interior garden, because of this, they are loaded with a neighborhood sense. The fragmented condition of the proposal allows a certain fluidity between the closest green areas on the Paseo de la Cuba and the interior of the block where the object of this proposal are located.

Due to the difficulties to fit, orderly and well oriented the 58 homes required in the specifications in the two assigned plots, we propose to unify both plots in a single one and thus have a lower cost in the construction of the basement, in which the garage and the storage rooms are located, since this is going to make it more compact and simple and also the road to Zamora street is facilitated since the garage only has one entrance. The unification of both plots does not produce a building of disproportionate scale for the neighborhood, neither because of the length of its facades nor because of the concentration of the volume to be built, since it is going to be fragmented into four pieces.

Location Paseo de la Cuba, Albacete
Client Comunidad de Castilla - La Mancha
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, María José Arquero, Pierre Banchet, Carlos Carnicer, Myriam López, Javier Malo, Elena de las Moras, Emilio Ontiveros, Pilar Recio, Marta Rogado
Structure Ingeniería Valladares
Technical architect José Santiago
National competition First prize
Completion date 2010