Principal Architects
Francisco Burgos
  • Founding partner | Design principal


    Francisco Burgos graduated in Architecture, completed his PhD degree cum laude and is, since 1992, Professor of Architecture at the Madrid School of Architecture [ETSAM, UPM]. Additionally, he has lectured at the College of Environmental Design UC Berkeley, the School of Architecture University of Minnesota and at the Universidad de Los Andes, amongst others.

    He has focused his work on the research and design development of collective dwellings and residential projects, such as the housing project in Carabanchel, already in use, or the apartments and office complex in Valdebebas, currently under construction. All of these interventions are socially inclusive and are intended to improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

Ginés Garrido
  • Founding partner | Design principal


    Ginés Garrido graduated in Architecture and received his PhD degree cum laude at the Madrid School of Architecture [ETSAM, UPM]. Since 1991, he is Professor of Architecture also at ETSAM, where he currently leads his own Design Unit at the Department of Architecture. He has lectured in several international universities such as the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, Ecole d’Architecture Athenaeum in Lausanne and the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at the Washington University in St. Louis.

    He has specialized in landscape and urban design analysis and design interventions and has led a wide range of public space and environmentally sustainable schemes such as the Madrid Rio project and the recovery of the Tagus River in Toledo.

Marisa Ropero
Sandra Varela
Daniel Guerra
Óscar Ruiz
Miguel Martín
Ana Tovar
María González
Arantxa Hernández
Jorge Oettel
Marina Gómez
Carolina Matos
Ana Lahoz
Laura González
Dana Barale
Paulino Domínguez
Beatriz Carrillo
Ignacio Alonso
Miguel Sumpsi
Jaime Silva