Headquarters for the spanish Red Cross in Pinto, Madrid

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Headquarters for the spanish Red Cross in Pinto, Madrid

The challenging location and the great scale of the site in relation to the required program could have led to a desolate architecture in an unattractive context. Nevertheless, the proposal makes the most of these conditions to create a pleasant place, a small island with distinctive character. The arrangement of the building generates a great welcoming area and a green, intimate and sunlit backyard.  Both of these spaces are suitable to host social events of different nature organized by Red Cross. The interiors are designed visually and physically beside these spaces, blurring the limits between inside and outside.

Spatial versatility, one of the key requirements of the program, is understood as the fundamental principle of the project. Consequently, the building consists of a series of parallel and strictly modulated pavilions that can adapt easily to the changing program and can grow to meet future requirements. Their rhythm configures a set of spaces that can host all of the activities and their horizontal disposition ensures daily work can be carried out comfortably and allows for working areas and hours to be easily separated. Likewise, the configuration of free spaces encourages social interaction in different ways.

The building is characterized by its contemporary and soberly expressive architecture of an almost domestic scale and elemental construction. The optimal harnessing of natural energy is achieved thanks to the design based on solar morphology. This vital energy strategy guarantees that the building will be highly efficient and sustainable. The modular geometry on plan and the industrialized building system ease internal changes in the functional organization of the building and allow for future extensions to take place in different directions, without erasing the character of the building.

Location Pinto, Madrid
Client Cruz Roja, Madrid
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Jonás Prieto, María Pilar Recio, Diego Martínez, Sandra Varela, Leire Cascante, Pablo Maldonado
Renders HPAL
Date 2017