Walk DVRC, Hong Kong


Walk DVRC, Hong Kong

DVRC is complex, undefined and evolving place.  It is multi-faceted — with the richness of historical Hong Kong with the oldest shops and building footprints contrasting with the grandeur of downtown Central that defines contemporary banking and business metropolis.

A modulated system, similar to scaffolding, is proposed to provide a platform for DVRC to define and redefine itself as it evolves through time.

We propose a series of five nodes that highlight the special moments along DVRC. These nodes anchor the hubs along the road to provide DVRC with a sense of characteristics. Along the nodes are a conglomeration of thematic small moments that can also be produced by our same modulated system. The proposed small moments respond and react to the existing site program to engage the neighborhood as a way to animate and bring together people through programming. We have strategized a network of soft urban programs that pulls together education and art outreach groups, Private Public Partnership with profitable incentives, and collaborative government bureaus.  Our modular system can fit everyone for any use to provide a platform of interventions that adapts and defines and allows DVRC to grow with an evolving vision.

Location Hong Kong
Client Walk DVRC Ltd
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Pang Architects
Design team Óscar Ruiz, Andrea Bardón, Jesús Meseguer, Irene Cámara, Manuel Mateu
Renders Studio Cyrille Thomas
International Competition Honorable Mention
Date 2018