DWELLINGS in Valdebebas, Madrid

site plan | standard floor plan
axonometric view

DWELLINGS in Valdebebas, Madrid

Two premises have guided the project in order to adapt it to the environment in the most effective way.

The sun

The physical environment is dictated by orientation and sunlight. The largest built volume is therefore oriented towards the south, taking advantage of the maximum amount of sunlight.

The city

The adaptation to the urban environment is related to the maximum articulation and fragmentation of the building so that on one hand the volume is not perceived as oppressive or excessive and at the same time the building has its own character and identity.

The project is articulated as much as possible despite its strict urban conditions. Thus its more fractured volume will appear smaller and friendlier. It presents the smoothest and most emblematic facades to the streets, which gives it greater identity and uniqueness.

Aesthetic quality

The aesthetic virtues of the buildings are related to their functional adjustments. For us, the most beautiful architectures are those that fit their function, express the spirit of the times in which they were erected and are built with creative imagination and wisdom.

Location Valdebebas, Madrid
Client Inmobiliaria Espacio
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Pierre Banchet, Carlos Carnicer, Rebeca Caso, Raquel Marugán, María Pilar Recio
Date 2009