Housing in Coslada, Madrid


Housing in Coslada, Madrid

The Cultural Center La Cañada is built on the ground floor of the site of the community center association, consisting of an auditorium and classrooms for the association; on the upper floors, there are 18 social houses for the resettlement of homeless families. The three remaining houses are located on the small plot that closes the square. Ten of the houses have three bedrooms and are duplexes, which occupy “one and a half floors”. The remaining eight have four bedrooms on one floor.

The main piece, “U” shaped , closes the small existing block, articulating a domestic scale courtyard that gives access to all the houses that contain the “night” areas providing the “day“ areas with the best views.

Bright brick walls and galvanized metal work configure, with simple details, robust finishes that establish nuances and rhythms on the courtyard façade. Lightweight aluminum panels and louver blinds provide a unique character and singularity to the building that vibrates under the morning light.

Location Coslada, Madrid
Client Empresa Municipal de la Vivienda de Coslada
Architects Francisco Burgos
Jose María Lapuerta
Carlos Asensio
Design team Patricia de Isidoro, Elena de las Moras
Technical architect Jose Manuel van der Brule
Juan José García
Constructor COMSA
Completion date 2001