residential tower, Eindhoven

site plan
volumetric distribution

residential tower, Eindhoven

The tower. It is not an isolated building. It is not a building between others.

Its volume is responds to the different issues around it: the sun, the Strijp, the courtyard, the passage, the scale of the surrounding buildings, the program, the lighting of the top floors…

On the north elevation, big glass surfaces reflect what is happening nearby. On the south elevation, voids and shadow lines define the building.

Location Strijp-S, Eindhoven
Client CREDO Integrale Planontwikkeling Bv.
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Van Aken Architecten
Design team Rebeca Caso, Pierre Blanchet, Carlos Carnicer, Agustín Martín, Raquel Marugán, Pilar Recio, Marta Rogado
Renders HPAL
Date 2010