43 DWELLINGS IN Valdemarín, Madrid

site plan
ground floor plan
elevation | longitudinal section

43 DWELLINGS IN Valdemarín, Madrid

The aim of the proposal is to organize 43 houses, exploiting the exceptional conditions of the plot where they are placed. Therefore, they are staggered in inter-opposed rows in the plot in order to provide each one with the maximum “air” around it. In this way, all units have a view over the west ledge of Madrid, the complexes do not hinder each other volumetrically and the house gardens on ground floor never have contact between them, maintaining a fundamental acoustic intimacy.

Intimate and forrested to the west. Open and collective to the east. The houses expose to the south and east their most open façade. They are folded to the west creating more secluded spaces from where they are accessed. These two “layers” , east and west, divide the plot in two fragments with different characters. To the west, smooth topography, forrested areas, landscaped gardens and hidden views, to the east, more rugged topography, less trees and more extended gardens make the views prevail.

All the houses have the best views, good orientation and do not face each other. Therefore, the private gardens do not have common boundaries and are articulated using the topography and the vegetation as dividers; all of them are different. Dark stone, warm and bright woodwork and cheerful and smiley awnings. These three materials provide the complex with the required qualities. The stone provides its camouflage among the trees; the wood, tactile and visual warmth. The awnings capture the transparent, cold light of the northwest of Madrid. Large glassed surfaces, protected during the summer, transform not very big houses into exceptional homes.

Location Valdemarín, Madrid
Client Inmobiliaria Espacio, s.l.
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Diego Pérez Medina
Design team Agustín Martín, Beatriz Amánn, Almudena Carro, Raquel Marugán, Pilar Recio
Landscape SC Paisajismo s.l.
Structure CYPE Ingenieros
Technical facilities Gisca Goymar. Ingenieros Consultores
Restricted competition First prize
Date 2007