79 DWELLINGS IN Barajas, Madrid

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79 DWELLINGS IN Barajas, Madrid

Based on the existing planning, the planned proposal investigates the transformation of the block as a traditional universal urban form and its capacity to adapt to the particular conditions of the place in which it is located.

The building is designed as a response to its urban situation. Thus, in its situation on the boundary of the “Ensanche de Barajas” Partial Plan in front of the existing city grid, four independent volumes emerge, linked together by the Tertiary Proximity premises and by the canopy situated on the eastern boundary and which protects the pedestrian access to the plot.

The building complex, both for residential and proximity tertiary use, reaches a height that complies with both the aerial easement of the area and the cornice height limit.

The interior space of the block is designed as a relationship and play area for the inhabitants of the dwellings.

Location Ensanche de Barajas, Madrid
Client Bisbel Hispania S.L. Comunidad de Bienes Playa de Aro
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Ana Aguilar, Beatriz Amann, Pierre Banchet, Jimena Campillo, Carlos Carnicer, Cristina Cordero, Berta González, Raquel Marugán, María Pilar
Structure Juan Carlos Salvá
Technical facilities Esdicain Ingeniería S.L.
Date 2011