100 dwellings in Aluche, Madrid

site plan | axonometric view

100 dwellings in Aluche, Madrid

Economy, efficiency and beauty

The proposal, rigorous and refined, responds to the limitations established by the program needs and the particularities of the uneven site.

A jigsaw of housing units, all considered valuable pieces, is placed on top of a precise geometrical stand. Each piece is an apartment composed by elements of adequate size, which are based on a well-organized functional system. The urban block, contains one hundred housing units connected by six vertical cores only. Therefore, an optimum ratio between the built area and the usable area is achieved, while cross ventilation and dual orientation is also guaranteed for all units. The building’s façades, ordered and expressive, create a strong and attractive image.

These principles directly convert the works into a rational and economic intervention. Furthermore, the project includes other aspects that multiply the value of the building. Unlike other enclosures frequently seen in small blocks like this, the courtyard is a pleasant place full of trees, well-lit during the winter and protected and fresh during the summer. Additionally, an area for collective use is located on the rooftop, offering views over the Casa de Campo Park and Madrid’s mountains.

Location Aluche, Madrid
Client AEDAS Homes
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Raquel Marugán, Jonás Prieto, Mª Pilar Recio, Diego Martínez, Sandra Varela, Pablo Maldonado, Araceli Martínez, Javier Martín, Marina Ortega, Arantxa Hernández
Photographer Fernando Alda
Dates 2016: Competition
2019: Completition date