axonometric view
top floor section
standard dwelling


Cross-generational living

The idea of bringing together young and elder people to live together in a shared residential building, in a consolidated urban location in renewal, offers an extraordinary opportunity to reconsider ways of inhabiting and to propose innovative alternatives. We propose a universal, adaptable and resilient system. A set of generic planes, elevated neutral public spaces, contain the dwellings for the young and for the elder. But it is in their common spaces, galleries, porticos, balconies, halls and gardens, where the project gains true meaning and becomes an urban space where its inhabitants can celebrate life.

Urban garden

The urban garden proposed will be managed by a local society and it will be cultivated based on organic techniques to sell its products around the neighbourhood at a fair price, easing its self-management.

Located at the rooftop and partially covered by a simple greenhouse, this urban garden will be a place for cross-generational interaction. The young and the elder will meet, like in many other spaces of the building complex, and they will be able to share their interests. This space, of educational nature, will become, high above, an example of social cohesion and integration, based on contemporary urban socializing methods.

Location Vallecas, Madrid
Client Empresa municipal de la vivienda
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Architects
Design team Agustín Martín, María Pilar Recio, Teresa Carro, Sandra Varela, Diego Martínez, Jimena Alonso,Daniel Guerra, Ignacio Navarro, Ricardo Fernández, Miguel Martín, Raquel Marugán, Arantxa Hernández
Renders FRPO
Date 2018