VIP Lounge – ARCO 2022, Madrid

general elevation
plan and elevations

VIP Lounge – ARCO 2022, Madrid

Natural ruins

In the scene displayed, intuitively incompatible spatial experiences overlap, within an artificial landscape that directs the gaze to the beauty of nature by exposing the representative elements of its primordial materiality. A group of rocks creates an unusual and ephemeral topography, which is nevertheless exhibited almost as a monument to disappearance. Its very presence in the place activates the memory of another landscape.

This small territory responds to its own logic. It contains within itself certain tensions, destined to be resolved or explored by the visitor. The arrangement of the rocks and their scale allows for an interior journey, delving into physical experimentation, allowing for a unique social interaction of its own, immersed in the materiality of the natural under an artificial and theatrical atmosphere.

Location IFEMA, Madrid
Client IFEMA
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design Team Daniel Guerra, Carolina Matos, Ana Tovar
Date 2022