Footbridge over the Miño River, Pontevedra

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Footbridge over the Miño River, Pontevedra

The Goian Cerveira Bridge is an extremely light construction that, thanks to its structure and positioning, preserves unaltered the crossed views of the magnificent fortresses found on both sides of the river. It respects the delicate ecology of the river and its double curvature will ensure that crossing from one riverbank to other becomes an intense, profound and memorable experience where the ever changing landscape is utterly important, opening onto the Atlantic Ocean to the South and facing towards the valuable historical heritage to the North.

The Goian Cerveira Bridge is a tight and slightly curved line that remains almost invisible and can be clearly distinguished from the structure of the Amizade Bridge, located upstream, less than 1,500 m away. The bridge is exclusively intended for pedestrians and cyclists, which enables the use of a more daring structure, greater spans and a strategic approach. The crossing experience and the relation with the landscape become decisive and indispensable design aspects. For this reason, it is as transparent and aerial as possible. It also contrasts with the San Lourenzo fortress and the Cerveira Castle, two buildings adhered to the territory that strongly express their weight, mass and stony character.

The outline of the bridge responds directly to these conditions and it “arches” to accentuate the views towards the Atlantic Ocean, arising between the forested riverbanks to cross the Miño River with the utmost lightness.

The type of structure selected permits the use of an extremely slender board which is suspended from the main cable – composed of two elements of ø200 mm – with two ø30 mm strings every 12 m. With this proposed structure, the river can be crossed over a single large span [330 m], ensuring the delicate river ecology remains unharmed on both sides.

Location Pontevedra (Goian-Castelinho)
Client Deputación Pontevedra/ Interreg España-Portugal
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Daniel Guerra, Jimena Alonso, Jonás Prieto, Diego Martínez, Marta Kayser, Maria Pilar Recio, Maria Elizalde, Andrea Bardón
Engineer Alejandro Bernabeu [Bernabeu Ingenieros]
International competition First prize
Date 2017