Senior Residence and Day Centre, La Palma

Rooms Plan in Detail

Senior Residence and Day Centre, La Palma

The innovative project of the Senior Residence and Day Centre promoted by La Palma City Council in Los Llanos de Aridane is extraordinarily ambitious. Its program includes the most advanced concepts in accommodation for the elderly and architecture used must be able to meet these objectives.

The proposed arrangement is that of a small village, a grouping of volumes on a domestic scale and careful arrangement that gives rise to a rich sequence of patios, small squares, paths and gardens. Located on the urbanized edge of Los Llanos and in direct contact with the agrarian landscape, the residence is a meeting point between architecture and nature.

Its architecture is clear, recognizable and friendly. It is, at the same time, contemporary and rooted in the traditions of the place. The spaces formed offer their own environments for intimate life, but they’re also quite lively with their variety of settings for active life in company. It is a place where it can be enjoyed the last and serene part of life, an optimistic architecture for life together.

Location Llanos de Aridane, Isla de La Palma
Client Cabildo de La Palma
Architecture Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Colaborators Sandra Varela, Miguel Martín, Oscar Ruiz, Agustín Martín Salas, Ana Lahoz, Arantxa Hernández, Jaime Silva
Date 2020
Renders Supernova Visual