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The project suggests a dual landscape, urban and green, horizontal and recumbent at noon. It also portrays harmony between artifice and nature, something the citizens of Oviedo long for.

1. The Boulevard is an Urban Hall, a pedestrian area of intense social activity, the route out from the heart of the city into the oriental rural landscapes. Los Prados are green rugs that transmit calm and introduce the undulating landscapes of Asturias into the interior of Oviedo.
2. The Boulevard is closely linked to the uneven urban fabric to the South, it sews and assembles it together. The gently sloping meadows establish a continuous green rug that reaches the northern neighborhoods, shaping their edges.
3. The Boulevard is a powerful lineal Avenue with sections and pavements of variable nature all along the itinerary. Apple, ash, chestnut and oak trees grow on the great green tapestry of the meadows, on a regular and eventful grid intersected by pathways and lanes.

The project restores and enhances the social and territorial links between the heart of Oviedo and its landscapes. It does so beyond the limits of the Boulevard, acquiring a territorial scale. The geographical and urban conditions of Oviedo allow for the reinterpretation of a city, achieving a more sustainable equilibrium between its urban fabric, infrastructure and landscape.

The design intends to complete Oviedo’s green belt with a radial network comprised by three corridors located between the city and the surrounding lands.

Location Bulevar de San Julián de los Prados, Oviedo
Client Ayuntamiento de Oviedo
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Daniel Guerra, Jimena Alonso , Leyre Cascante , Sandra Varela, Patricia Martínez, Diego Martínez, María Pilar Recio
External Collaborators Uberland
Engineering Andrés Monzón
Renders HPAL
Date 2017