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Two-in-one. Meadow and Hillock

The Canfranc Square is located at a merging point between two urban fragments with very different layouts. These are the dense town centre of Puente de Vallecas to the south and southeast of the square and the more recent urban developments of the Numancia neighbourhood to the west and north of the site. The first area stands out for its compact urban fabric and lack of public open spaces whilst the second is greener and softer.

Without losing its fundamental unity, the new square connects both areas and responds to these two conditions. It comprises two different realms: the meadow, on the lower limit, will be fresh and planted with 25 melia trees. The other space, the hillock, will be open, flexible, built and ready for any civic use, and recognizable thanks to its green screen. They both change over time, with the seasons, and in contrast to the hardness of the urban fabric.

In order to make the new square accessible for all, it splits into two smaller spaces that bridge the level difference, of almost three meters, of the existing uneven terrain. A small containing wall delimits the two areas: an intimate and peaceful lower square and a more open and flexible space on the upper part of the site.

The green screen is placed in the brightest part of the square, where wisteria and vine plants will grow. It is both a powerful and light element with a strong identity that will evolve with different colours and tones over the year. Additionally to the vegetation and the set of twenty nests fitted to foster bird settlements, the screen will also contain the lightening system of the square.

Location Vallecas, Madrid
Client Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Raquel Marugán, Jonás Prieto, Jimena Alonso,Teresa Carro, Leyre Cascante, Patricia Martínez, Araceli Martínez, María Fe Soria, Sandra Varela, Eva López
Date 2017