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development phases
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The UPM Campus offers wide possibilities for the implementation of sustainable strategies.

The proposal benefits from the potential of the existing buildings, the urban layout and functioning of the Campus, as well as from the general characteristics of its location.

Three key interventions are proposed to achieve the UPM Campus transformation:

1. Retrofitting: The rehabilitation of the existing building by means of the reconfiguration of interior spaces, modification of finishes and introduction of a new exterior skin to offer a fresh and renewed aspect, according to its new use as a business incubator and for emerging start-ups.

2. Innovation: The construction of a new residential complex that will serve a new purpose within the Campus, as a response to the lack of temporal accommodation for all university students, researchers and academics. This building will include common spaces linked to the university, such as a café and cultural spaces that can also be used by the general public, contributing to the integration of both communities (university and local neighbours).

3. Consolidation: The implementation of new public exterior spaces as places of encounter and social cohesion. This intervention includes sports facilities, green areas, a new central square and a new tree-planted urban axis that connects the Campus with the future mobility station and the town of Vallecas.

Location Vallecas, Madrid
Client Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Teresa Carro, Arantxa Hernández
Date 2018