Y Footbridge, Madrid

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Y Footbridge, Madrid

This project consists of the construction of a pedestrian footbridge between the two banks of the Manzanares River and the ephemeral urbanisation of the surface on the slab on the left bank to guarantee its connection and accesses until the definitive project of the Salón de Pinos is executed on this bank.

The construction of this footbridge will improve communications on foot and by bicycle on both sides of the river and is also a fundamental object in the context of the logic of the Salón de Pinos, as it resolves the continuity of this promenade in its splitting towards the left bank. Its position next to the emerging section of the M-30 is intended to prevent the space on the slab at its southern end from becoming a sack bottom, with no use or traffic and at risk of becoming a marginal space. It is for this reason that the footbridge has been designed as a connecting element with two possible routes, making it more accessible with its Y-shape.

The footbridge is also a place to be, a place to rest, a place to contemplate the environment on which it is situated. For this project, the classic concept of the bridge-viewpoint is recovered, offering the citizen a haven and a unique view from which to contemplate the Manzanares River as it passes through Madrid and the recent transformation of the city.

Location Madrid Río
Client Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Porras La Casta
Rubio & A-Sala
West 8
Team director Ginés Garrido
Design Team Javier Malo de Molina, María Jesús Franco, Almudena Carro, Sergio de Castillo, Juan Galbis, Elisa Lara, Agustín Martín, Juan José Mateos, Raquel Marugán, Emilio Ontiveros, Juan Tur, Samir Alaoui, María Ángeles Fernández, Carlos Fernández, Elena Garicano, Eduardo González, Miguel Ángel López, Marina del Mármol, Gema Montáñez, Víctor Muñoz, María Ortega, Susana Paz, Antonia Peña, Lucía Prado, Jonás Prieto, Ramiro Sánchez, Emma Simonsson, Elena Verdú, Carlos Carnicer, Cristina Cordero, María Pilar Recio.
Photography Ana Müller
Jeroen Musch
Completion date 2008