Footbridge over the Cérvol river, Vinaroz

Elevation and longitudinal section
Cross section
Alzado General General elevation

Footbridge over the Cérvol river, Vinaroz

A line over the Cérvol

The proposed bridge over the Cérvol river is an almost invisible line on the Mediterranean horizon. Its structural typology, an stressed ribbon bridge, with a single 50m span, allows the deck to be constructed with 12 cm thick voussoirs.

This magnificent slenderness and its perpendicular position to the river’s mouth, next to sea, creates a rather striking landscape.

The proposed footbridge does not compete with the Pont de Sant Nicolau located upstream, only 600m away. In fact, it does the opposite, it leaves all of the spotlight towards the sea.

It is located in an unspoiled position, linking the seafront promenade sand (the Passeig de For a del Forat) in its South landing with the prolongation of Carrer Boverals in the North. In this way, the bridge works as a splendid balcony as well.


Location Vinaroz, Castellón
Client Ayuntamiento de Vinaroz
Architecture Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Engineer Schlaich Bergermann Partner
LIC, Levantina Ingenieria y Construcción
Collaborators Jimena Alonso, Silvia Martínez, Raquel Marugán, Jorge Oettel
Environmental Technology María Ángeles Ceñal
Hidraulic Engineering Pedro Arévalo Rey
Date 2021