Lent – Tabor footbridge, Maribor

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Lent – Tabor footbridge, Maribor

The new Lent-Tabor footway and bicycle bridge cannot compete with Maribor’s Stari Most, the city’s Old Bridge. It must bow to its formidable presence. We propose a structure that, in a way, is a complement to the Old Bridge.

The bridge’s deck is calculated to the limit in order to make it as slender as possible. The structure is cladded in wood endowing the new footbridge with both an archaic and contemporary character at the same time. Its visual iconographic strength lies in the concealment of structure, which renders it equally abstract and expressive. It becomes one more piece of the Stari Most structure.

Visually it is as transparent as possible. Without intricate or ostentatious structural feats, it is natural and simple: two supports and maximum slenderness. Economically it is rational: it possesses a simple but elegant structure, calculated to the limit and without requiring sophisticated construction techniques; at the same time portraying a memorable image, singular and easily identifiable.

Location Maribor, Eslovenia
Client Ayuntamiento de Maribor
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Jaime Álvarez, Carlos Carnicer, Rebeca Caso, Raquel Marugán, Pilar Recio, Alberto López, Héctor Pérez, Carolina Matos
Engineer IDOM Internacional
International competition First prize
Date 2010 - in progress