Turia’s River Mouth Park, Valencia

general plan

Turia’s River Mouth Park, Valencia

The river mouth park presents a great opportunity to complete the Turia gardens in their connection to the sea. The head park marks the starting point of the green itinerary that runs along the former riverbed, whose garden materializes along the different sections bordering the historic city. The route currently ends in the City of Arts and Sciences, with the open canal as the last available section for connection to the port and future urban developments in the area.

The intervention aims to consolidate the green delta that starts on the outskirts of the city, strengthening the ecological corridor in its maritime connection. With the completion of the park, the aim is to recover the image of the river for the city, culminating the linear journey in a large artificial urban beach that serves as a new meeting point for citizens. It is the counterpart of the head park, showing itself as an alternative on the other side of the city and inviting completion of the walk.

The re-naturalisation of the canal, as well as the creation of new habitats around the “great beach,” will allow the lagoon to have a natural extension that allows for the social and environmental restoration of the seafront, consolidating a new green axis from south to north beyond the Malvarrosa beach.

Location Valencia, España
Client Ayuntamiento de Valencia
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
[Francisco Burgos & Ginés Garrido]
Design Team Oscar Ruíz, Arantxa Hernández, Ana Lahoz, Jorge Oettel, Paulino Domínguez, María Abril
Date 2022