site plan
volumetric distribution | bioclimatic strategies


Office Inhabiting Architecture
Office spaces are occupied many hours a day during many years. Their architecture must provide a pleasant and diversified environment. Two goals were set for this project: On the one hand, to provide an elegant and efficient office building; on the other, to create an architecture that translates into an improvement for both the neighbourhood and the individual working space.

Public image and identity
The building’s access as well as the image it conveys to its users, visitors, and the city, is treated with care. The building seeks a distinctive profile product of its own language. The rigorous interpretation of regulations, program of necessities and building system are read with formal autonomy in an attempt to attain the desired identity.

Green resources
Ample spaces are destined to trees and vegetation. Inside the building, two lobbies receive abundant day light and contain plants that refresh the office environment daily. On the outside, on a carefully planned square, trees and plants are a delight not only to the office regulars but to the entire neighbourhood.

An economic building rationale
A modulated building system is applied to both structure and the distribution scheme. Together with the repetition of elements on the facades it allows efficient performance contributing to speed and economy during construction.

Environmental response
Passive climate control is obtained through positioning, orientation and the envelope’s clever design. The most elemental and efficient solar-gain and protection devices are envisaged: galleries to the South with solar radiation monitored and adjustable blinds that protect from the low and intense morning sun. Equally, the adjacent blocks protect the building from the West’s relentless radiation.

Location Chamartín, Madrid
Client Inmobiliaria Chamartín, s.a.
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Alberto Pieltain, Justo Fernández-Trapa
Design team Saúl García, Beatriz Amán, Almudena Carro, Ángeles García, Agustín Martín, Pilar Recio, Alberto López, Héctor Pérez
Technical facilities JG Instalaciones
Engineer JG Instalaciones
Technical architect Pilar Guisasola
Constructor Ferrovial Agroman S.A.
Competition First prize
Completion date 2009