La Paz University Hospital, Madrid


La Paz University Hospital, Madrid

The Hospital de La Paz is one of the most important public institutions in the city of Madrid, and in the country. Located in “Castellana” where many of these public institutions are located, among others, the Prado Museum, the Bank of Spain or the National Library, this project is critical for the construction of urban and pedestrian space – in the broadest sense of its meaning – from the North of Madrid, yet to be completed. In addition, the project requires formidable organizational clarity and rigor to solve the extraordinary complexity of functional program and its construction in phases while still providing an essential service throughout.

This project is the consequence of our total commitment to the city and to the public – we strongly trust in both -, with cutting-edge healthcare technology, and with sensitive and friendly architecture for the Hospital’s users.

We propose a geometric, metric and structural system that contains simple and effective rules that precisely meet the needs of the program and the logistics of the execution in phases. But, at the same time, this system has generous margins of variation and freedom that the Hospital project explores, to transform La Paz into a rich and varied set of different, hyper-specialized and exact or ambiguous and sensual places.

The large volume that needs to be built is fragmented into small-scale places that are not oppressively imposed on the citizens. But, La Paz is also inevitably linked with the great infrastructures of the city, with the giant scale of its neighbors, or the distant landscape of the Sierra de Madrid in the North of Madrid; and in front of them it claims the importance of public institutions and their identity. This project is at the balance point between both contradictory demands.

Location Madrid
Client Consejería de Sanidad de la Comunidad de Madrid
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos (Francisco Burgos y Ginés Garrido), MAPA AC Arquitectos (Juan Vicente, Pablo Núñez)
Technical team Enrique Larrumbide, Jesús Javier Aguilera, Hugo Corres, José Manuel Ballesteros, Eduardo Torras
Consultor Alberto Pieltain
Collaborators Tender team:
Fernando Cruz, Neila Arquitectura, Félix Ibáñez

Design Team:
BGA: Miguel Martín, Sandra Varela, Jimena Alonso, Daniel Guerra, Andrea Bardón, Óscar Ruiz, Agustín Martín, Paulino Domínguez, Ana Fresnillo, Lucía Gutiérrez, Álvaro Mendicute, Pilar Recio, Masoumeh Ahmadi, Ignacio Vences, Henar Zambrano, Rama Ajalin, Fernando Díez.
MAPA AC: Rosa García, Iván García, David Bonal, A. Rodríguez.

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Date 2019
In process