Moscow River, Moscow

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Moscow River, Moscow

The city of Moscow can be seen as a little disjointed archipelago, not even articulated, that generates discontinuities, many vacant spaces, a structure of inefficient mobility and finally a difficult city to live.

To change this situation, Moscow needs a big project, that now can be acomplished.

We propose to articulate this archipelago and transform it into a mosaic in which each piece has its own meaning, but all will simultaneously build, over time, a coherent picture.

Each piece of the mosaic is a place that responds to different urban conditions, with different urban potential and with a distinct identifiable landscape [by the citizens of Moscow and visitors] that will accommodate the maximum richness of uses and being, to some extent, independent of each other, multiplying their effects.

The Moscow River is the central figure of this mosaic, [such as rivers in cities like Paris, Shanghai and Madrid, where we have transformed the city with great project that has “located” again the river in its urban core]

Location Moscow, Rusia
Client Moscow City Goverment, Committee for Architecture an Urban Planning of Moscow City
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
City Makers

Design team Javier Malo de Molina, Agustín Martín, Jaime Álvarez, Carlos Carnicer, Cristina Cordero, María Domínguez, David Domínguez, Daniel Guerra, Marta Kayser, Ángel Maestro, Alex S. Ollero, María Pilar Recio, Fernando Sánchez, Maria Antonieta Silva, Eduardo Valgañón
Renders HPAL
Date 2014