Masterplan for Paranoá lake, Brasilia

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Masterplan for Paranoá lake, Brasilia

This proposal for Orla do Paranoá is neither a project nor a project design, but an idea, a guiding concept. The aim is to precipitate and build a possible structure for the future.

If we understand the project as a “drawing of the idea”, as the manifestation or concretisation of a coordinated, detailed and precise design, it is perhaps not adequate when referring to a park with a length of 80 km or, considering the minimum protection strip of 30 metres, of approximately 2.4 million square metres (which corresponds to almost twice the surface of the Inirapuera Park in Sao Paulo or the Flamengo embankment in Rio de Janeiro, both with approximately 1.5 million square metres). It seems more strategic and interesting, instead of creating with all the precision of a sophisticated and detailed design that attends to all the aspects and specificities of this vast area, to reinforce a “design idea”, with guidelines capable of illuminating and orienting the sustainable decision-making that will be responsible for the occupation and consolidation of this area as a quality public space, to be effectively occupied by the city’s population and not only by local residents.

The proposal therefore suggests guiding concepts capable of forming an archipelago of solutions that can be implemented strategically and partially (or in their entirety) in different sectors of the waterfront to progressively constitute an integrated whole until the circuit is closed, as is desirable.

Location Brasilia, Brasil
Client Secretaria de Estado de Gestão do Território e Habitação
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
Design team Daniel Guerra, Jonás Prieto, Jimena Alonso, Nehuen Blanco, Javier Martín, Arantxa Hernández
Renders MRGB Arquitectos
Date 2018