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Lucija is a unique place in the Slovenian coast. Settled in the middle of a beautiful Mediterranean bay, between the urban areas of Piran and Portoroz, the Kampolin Hills and the splendid Secoveljske saltwork fields, near the main access road that goes along the coast to the international airports of Triestre, Venice and Ljubljana, Lucija does have a great potential because it is a commuting place, a gate towards the Slovenian coast and its landscape. But Lucija is lacking personality, an iconic view that recognizes itself from other places. Each town of the Slovenian coast (Koper, Izola, Piran, Portoroz) have its own character, but not Lucija. The elements that make it up are very heterogeneous with very low visual and architectonic value. This cannot keep on happening; it is a lost opportunity for the Slovenian coast. The project of Lucija and Marina Portoroz becomes then the opportunity for Lucija.

Site opportunities

The site offers many opportunities for its development, it has a well consolidated marina, plenty of empty space ready to be occupied and low territorial value facilities that can be moved away.


to reinforce the continuity of the Slovenian coast; to provide a specific character to insert in the existing sequence of places along the coast; to build a fragment of a city for people to live in; to provide Lucija with better and modern facilities; to solve Lucija´s parking needs; to increase hotel and spa facilities; to increase the marina and the communal boat berths and to build a new collective and public space for everyone.

A Mediterranean site

What specific character should Lucija be provided with?

There is no need to search far away for an answer; the geographical and cultural context provides that character that allows Lucija to be re-incorporated to the landscape to which belongs: the Mediterranean. But what is the Mediterranean about? We could agree that it might be about a few sensorial qualities that can be physically materialized through landscape elements: breeze (new marina extension), shadow (a pine tree promenade), fragrance (an orchard of 1800 fruit trees), sociability (a wandering path), enjoyment (the new facilities like the hotel and spa) and of course, optimism.

Location Lucija, Eslovenia
Client Marina, City Council of Lucija
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Javier Malo de Molina, Elena Garicano, Jonás Prieto, Pilar Recio, Alberto López, Héctor Pérez
Date 2012