Landscape Design of Road, Riyadh

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Landscape Design of Road, Riyadh

Understanding the different situations and dynamics in the surroundings of the roads is of special importance to conserve the correct use of the infrastructure in combination with the creation of the new green coverage, new landmarks or recreational areas to connect easily the roads with the open space. Therefore, we consider an interdisciplinary approach essential for the design process. Landscaping, architecture, engineering and lighting will work together for a sustainable and efficient strategy.

These conditions will guide the concept design; the project’s goal is not only to design the specific solutions, but mainly to explore the natural site conditions and increase the quality and quantity of landscape, to improve the experience of traveling through the city, the general liveability and the interest of people for visiting it. The roads system will become a complex ecosystem.

Deeping in the detailed design and the finest analysis of the landscape, soil, artificial and natural conditions, we will choose native and adaptative trees and plants from the green planting palette, we will design the hydrological restoration areas and irrigation, as drivers of change for the surrounding road condition. These are the basic tools for the design: re-shaping the road margins where they should be restored, minimizing nature impact of the system in the landscape, and mitigating wind impact and noise pollution.

The exploration of the site and its knowledge and appreciation will attract visitors, and we will facilitate this through enabling the implementation of another transport model. The use of the bike in Riyadh is not truly widespread, but the overall strategy will bet on an adequacy of the margins of the roads for the cycling ride. This is a strategy with several impact scales: it improves the relationship of the citizen with their environment, brings it closer to natural spaces and promotes healthier lifestyle habits.

In short, we will include in the sustainability strategy the seven strategic principles of Green Riyadh: increase green cover, enhance city resilience, improve connectivity and urban design, conserve an enhance biodiversity, improve quality of life, enhance participation and improve economics.

Location Riyadh
Client Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC)
Architects Francisco Burgos & Ginés Garrido
[Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos]
Date 2021