ENCE Factory, Pontevedra

site plan
axonometric view
floor plan

ENCE Factory, Pontevedra

It is impossible to consider the landscape integration of the ENCE factory without taking a look at the Ría as a whole and its relationship with the towns of Pontevedra and Marín.

The ENCE factory is one of the developments that take place along the Ría, and therefore the recovery of its continuity, linking the fundamental elements that characterise it, is the fundamental objective of this proposal. A route that, on foot or by bike, will take us from the square of the Santuario de la Virgen Peregrina in the centre of Pontevedra to the beach of Portocelo in Marín.

This proposal aims to collaborate in the transmission to society of the “profound process of modernisation” and the ” promotion of technological advances in environmental management and wealth creation” initiated by the current owners.

We propose to achieve this objective of transparency and communication to society through the incorporation of three devices, three sets of pieces that give the ENCE factory an abstract and contemporary character.

We propose the construction of an atmosphere that mediates between the scale of the elements linked to industrial production and that which provides the people who work there with a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

Location Lourizán, Pontevedra
Client ENCE (Energía y Celulosa)
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Guillermo Gosaldo, José Pérez
Renders Guillermo Gosaldo
José Pérez
Date 2013