Housing in Arturo Soria, Madrid


Housing in Arturo Soria, Madrid

On a plot located in Madrid’s Ciudad Lineal, and occupied by a villa from the 20’s, a housing block is built. It tries to preserve the qualities of the old constructions that once used to flank the Arturo Soria Avenue.

On the ground level, two houses with a private garden are allocated, thus avoiding empty and dark porches typical of the area. The relation with the outside is created in the intermediate floors through the windowed balconies.

The wish to unify in a clean volume a not so clear form, marked by the hanging balconies, encourages us to create a skin defined by the overlap of a white stucco clear form and a steel skin with sliding wooden blinds. This makes the stucco volume with glass panes achieve a light and changing character. The rectilinear forms, the stainless steel railings, and the white blinds that protect the penthouses, have a clear relationship with the Hospital de la Marina on the other side of the street.

Location Arturo Soria, Madrid
Client Compañía Azul de Negocios
Architects Francisco Burgos
Justo Isasi
Alberto Pieltain
Design team Paloma Campo, Agustín Martín
Structure Juan Carlos Salvá
Technical architect Mariano Caballero
Photography Ángel Baltanás
Eduardo Sánchez
Completion date 1998