Santa Rufina residential tower, Málaga

site plan
axonometric view

Santa Rufina residential tower, Málaga

The tower

The project, abstract to a certain extent yet domestic as well, is conceived as a neat and blunt urban object. Its spatial distribution, around a ring of service elements and a central courtyard connected to the stairs, improves the ventilation conditions of the dwellings and contributes to the optimization of the valuable perimeter around the façade. The open plan, a sort of elevated ground floor over the adjacent streets, contains common spaces that are often difficult to find in dense urban fabric areas. These spaces enhance the value of the dwellings.


The dwellings

A jigsaw of housing units is shaped over a very precise geometrical support. All the dwellings include an appealing distribution and comfortable living spaces. The living rooms of the bigger apartments are placed at the corners with large windows that open to the balconies. These balconies are exterior rooms, places for family dinners and outdoor reading. Retractable lattice elements protect the openings on the façade and guarantee the control of the interior spaces exposed to the climate all through the year. The kitchens have been conceived as spaces that can be integrated visually and functionally to the living rooms and balconies, proving a more open and contemporary way of living.

Location Málaga
Client Aquila Capital
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Jimena Alonso, Daniel Guerra, Teresa Carro, Jonás Prieto, Nehuén Blanco, Javier Martín
Renders GA Archviz
Restricted competition Second prize
Date 2018