Hangar Eurocopter, Albacete

site plan | longitudinal section
axonometric view

Hangar Eurocopter, Albacete

The surrounding landscape may seem isolated and open. The future complex will try to modify this by positioning itself along a wide and green avenue making the place more friendly.

The project encompasses three hangars, the MRO [Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul], the Rain Test and the Paint hangar. The MRO and its attached offices are organized in East-West strips. This way, the MRO receives the Northern light with more homogeneity, which is better for its use. On the other hand the offices are oriented to the South, with a warmer light, they are well protected and energy efficient. This organization segregates the circulation of people and machines without conflict. The large doors system used in the North façade can be fully opened, with no intermediate supports, making it easy for helicopters to access.

The project incorporates all the sustainable elements, allowed within the budget, such as solar panels for the production of hot water and a green roofs for the offices.

Major environmental improvements are achieved when buildings are well designed and well oriented, with wall openings that take into account the position of the sun, when glass surfaces are protected from the sun in summer and when buildings are properly ventilated.

Location Aeropuerto, Albacete
Client Eurocopter España, S.A
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Pierre Banchet, Rebeca Caso, Raquel Marugán, Nerea del Pozo, Pilar Recio, Alberto López, Héctor Pérez
Structure Juan Carlos Salvá
Technical facilities JG Ingenieros
Restricted competition First prize
Date 2008