New headquarter FAC, Córdoba

site plan
axonometric view
longitudinal section

New headquarter FAC, Córdoba

The Head Office of the Contemporary Architecture Foundation bases its expressive means in two known elements:

  • The perforated enclosure that provides vibration, texture and materiality to the building.
  • The window to see and be seen.

For the rest, the project tries to adapt itself to the geometrical conditions of the partying walls, the plane of the facade to the street alignment and the height differences of the adjacent buildings. The strategy set out in section abounds in the vertical stacking of a fragmented and heterogeneous program that is segregated in the different floors; this reminds us of the stratigraphycal way in which the cities vertically grow.

The decisions of concentrating the volumes and a layered organization of the program create a compact building, and therefore economically feasible not only in terms of construction but also of maintenance. It is a deep building as corresponds to an economic austerity criteria, as well as to an extreme sunny city as Cordoba. It is also a  sustainable building thanks to its coefficient of form and the mechanisms of solar and geothermal energy utilization. It takes advantage of the archeological ruins by building on them a memorable and naturally lit space.

Location Jardín de San Pablo, Córdoba
Client Junta de Andalucía / Ayuntamiento de Córdoba
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design team Agustín Martín, Jimena Campillo, Carlos Carnicer, Rebeca Caso, Raquel Marugán, Pilar Recio
Render HPAL
Date 2010