Extension of King Salman (Ban Ban) Natural Park, Riyadh

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Extension of King Salman (Ban Ban) Natural Park, Riyadh

The design of the Extension of King Salman Park will create new habitats and re-vegetate disturbed land, consequence of the soil extraction activities, with the use of native and adaptive plants that are suited to the severe climatic conditions on site and require minimal maintenance. Native plants are usually well suited to withstand the local soils and climate and have the added benefit to integrate well with the surrounding landscape as well as increase biodiversity and enhance habitat for local wildlife. The Green Riyadh Plant Palette offers therefore a detailed and divers list of salt-, drought- and wind-tolerant native and adaptive plants that are also suited to the high temperatures of the area.

As with any garden, desert gardens require to combine flowering and foliage plants for a colorful, all-season landscape. Drought-tolerant plants therefore offer plenty of bright colors, bold shapes and interesting foliage textures. The combination of succulents, ornamental grasses and aromatic shrubs and groundcovers can provide exciting plant combination with minimum efforts.
Grouping plants according to their specific water requirements is important to assure a successful establishment and durable evolution of the vegetation in a desert garden.

The re-naturalization of large areas can be carried out by planting cells that contain a mixture of indigenous trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses native in the wadi drainage basin. These islands of vegetation hold a mix of plant species is adapted to the specific micro-conditions of the desert climate and can also serve as seed propagators to colonize the non-vegetated areas.
The planting strategy will be based on the project implementation schedule and understanding the high demand for trees and plants in the city and the country. This could be a limiting restriction for project design and development. Still, we think that a proactive management of the Stakeholders and finally a realistic and intelligent planting schedule can help to the decision making.

Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Client Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC)
Architects Francisco Burgos & Ginés Garrido
[Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos]
Date 2020