Vernier 115, Geneva

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Vernier 115, Geneva

Anonymous Waltz

The Vernier 115 development includes a well-adjusted mix of public facilities (sports and juvenile facilities), work areas, social housing and temporary accommodation. A small percentage of commercial space on the ground floor of the residential buildings is added to this programme, creating a balanced result for the life of a fragment of the city. The competition’s approach calls for a response with an anonymous nature, which must be outstanding without being singular, adding one more piece to the successfully consolidated urban fabric.

Our proposal is with conviction on the side of a neutral and economical architecture, capable of blending in naturally with the city to which it belongs. However, this natural and apparently anonymous architecture is capable of offering innovative and specific qualities based on the material and dimensional control of spaces. Small distortions of intensity such as a rising pavement, a deep well of light, a large window like an eye of Polyphemus, a cut-out plinth or a collection of coloured skylights punctually vibrate the placidity of timeless buildings in a gentle melody that could be called “Anonymous Waltz”.

Location Geneva, Suiza
Client Ayuntamiento de Ginebra, Suiza
Architects Burgos & Garrido Arquitectos
FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol Architects
Design team Agustín Martín, Jaime Álvarez, Verónica Fais, Cristina Cordero, Maria Pilar Recio, Ignacio Lorente, Ana Colmenero, Francisco Díaz, Alain Fernández, Esther Ibáñez, Matilde Lorenzo, Almudena Navas
Renders Ignacio Llorente
Date 2015