ARCO 2021, Madrid

elevation and plan

ARCO 2021, Madrid

A more diaphanous grid

This has been an exceptional year for many reasons and for many of us. For ARCO, too. The fair is in a way a mirror that captures and reflects with artistic proposals what is happening, also our desires and ambitions, and of course the specific circumstances of each moment. This time ARCO will be held for the first time in summer and the fair will be more relaxed and diaphanous so that we can be more comfortable and safer. The grid of streets that form the galleries will expand and those will be wider. This year ARCO will have fewer but more spacious streets to facilitate exchanges, and conversations, while always keeping in mind the pieces displayed by the galleries.

The communal and meeting spaces, as in other editions, are concentrated along an avenue that organizes them and makes them recognizable. All of them form a unitary front with a backdrop that is identified by the use of bright and cheerful colors. Small variations in the position of certain enclosures make up a space clearly different from other years and, at the same time, the maintenance of some spatial rules and geometries are reminiscent of other editions. Thus, the space of the fair reveals and highlights the new while maintaining the legibility and ease of orientation necessary for the whole to be a relaxed place to enjoy.

Summer and its festive component comes after a long social winter that, perhaps, will change some of our habits, but ARCO 2021 joyfully reasserts itself as a real and shared celebration, where the presence of people and the possibility of establishing a direct and irreplaceable relationship with the pieces of art that the galleries select for us is vital.

Location IFEMA, Madrid
Client IFEMA
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design Team Daniel Guerra, Ana Tovar
Date 2021