ARCO 2020, Madrid

conceptual elevation
floor plan and elevations

ARCO 2020, Madrid

ARCO 2020 is a large public space, a place of encounters, where the galleries form a complex but orderly network of streets and crossroads where you can lose yourself while enjoying art. Within this density, our project transforms the grid of the exhibition spaces and builds, in contrast, an outright straight line on the plan that houses those places where to meet, such as common spaces and rest areas of the fair.

While in the last edition we generated a sectional space through the construction of a light artifact that levitated over the boulevard, this year we erected a “heavy” solid, colorful front that builds a large linear plaza linking both pavilions and that functions as a vibrant backdrop.

At the same time, these robust and striking one-meter-deep walls, whose erection is based on the construction systems commonly used at the fair for their efficiency and speed of assembly, bring unity to the ensemble and serve as a great gateway to the busiest spaces of ARCO 2020.

Location IFEMA, Madrid
Client IFEMA
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design Team Daniel Guerra
Date 2020