86 dwellings at El Cañaveral, Madrid

east elevation and longitudinal section
ground floor
east elevation and longitudinal section
central patio view and frontal view

86 dwellings at El Cañaveral, Madrid

The complex is developed in El Cañaveral, a neighborhood in the south-east of Madrid, as a set of 43 of double-height semi-detached single-family houses. It’s based on the conceptual system of a U shape, which achieves an optimal sunlight and extended visual connections, an aggrupation method has been systematized in which all the pieces of the project are valuable. Each one is formed by a severe and organized system of functional relations with wide and transversal dialogues between the housing and the general urban planning. This works thanks to the use of recessed gardens which give privacy to the inner parts of the set.

The project, designed in response to the physical limits of the surroundings, is presented as a grouping of 5 independent volumes, which provide a domestic and city scale, allowing the common interior space to be related to the dwellings and the public road, in a play of visuals and perspectives.

The typological repetition and the systematic building construction of the façade are translated into the construction details and its rational development. All these processes as well as the organization and centralization of the common shared elements of the complex, enhances the building value and allows the economic optimization.

Location El Cañaveral, Madrid
Client AEDAS Homes
Architects Francisco Burgos, Ginés Garrido
Design Team Arantxa Hernández, María González, María Abril, Ana Lahoz, Carolina Matos, Jorge Oettel
Date 2020