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Reichstag New Visitors Center

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Burgos & Garrido + Rodriguez & Oriol awarded with the First Honorable Mention for the Reichstag New Visitors Center.

Burgos & Garrido + Rodriguez & Oriol together with the landscape offices Uberland and VWA, in collaboration with Büro Happold [engineering] and Alejandro Bernabeu [structures], have been awarded the First Honorable Mention of the five given, for the New Visitors Center for the Berliner Reichstag. 28 teams were selected for the second stage out of the over 180 worldwide entries that participated in this anonymous international competition.

The BIZ stands in the Tiergarten as an anti-monumental paradigm that accepts its subordinate nature in relation to the Reichstadt. And it does so with a complex geometry in plan, concealed under the trees and covered with reflective and translucent elements that provide it with the mystic appearance of a pavilion in a garden.

The exhibition featuring the proposals, will open on 29 November at the Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin.

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